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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Montessori Triangles

Today my 2nd grader worked on memorizing the types of triangles.  We had done some activities with naming the three types of triangles - Equalateral, Isosceles and Scalene.  The next step was to figure out a way to teach her about the different angles as well, without confusing her or losing her attention.

So we started with a quick review of the three types of triangles and she quickly remembered and matched them up.  Then I showed her a quick lesson a few days ago on angles - Right Angles, Acute Angles and Obtuse angles.  She used the Montessori materials to make and measure angles and label them.  She then transferred this work into her Geometry notebook.

Today I thought we were ready to go a step farther.  I took out the Geometric Sticks material.  (This is very expensive material to purchase, although if you have the means, it's great because it is made of wooden sticks which are wonderful to work with and children love to handle them.)  Price kept me from purchasing the real thing. Instead I made some out of cardstock paper and laminated them.  I purchased a cork board and some pins similar to the montessori board. I used online sites to help ensure I had the sizes and colors correct (they DO matter!)

We took some blue construction paper (same color as the Montessori triangles) and used the geometric sticks to make the different types of triangles.  She used the triangle cards as a guide.

After making each triangle, she cuts them out and adds them to her triangle chart.

When finished, she will have a chart that shows the types of triangles at the top, and the types of angles down the side. 

There are many advantages to teaching geometry at a young age.  These concepts will not be overwhelming to her when she starts needing them for more complex math or when she takes her first Jr. High geometry class.  And, geometry at this age, using these materials, is a lot of fun.  (For mom too!)

Once she I feel she has the types of triangles mastered, we will be able to play the "detective adjective" game (another Montessori work).  I'll be sure to post that when we get there!

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